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  • U Values as low as 1.0 W/m2k
  • 28mm argon gas filled glass units
  • High security multipoint locking mechanisms
  • ​Thermal Core
  • ​Available in various colours
  • ​Made to your exact requirements

Bi-folding doors are an affordable and effective option for creating a striking and flexible system that provides a smooth transition between living areas or indoor and outdoor spaces. Bi-fold doors will make your garden a natural extension of your home, opening up panoramic views and creating a lighter, brighter and more spacious surrounding.

These designer doors are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners looking to differentiate their home and create a stylish and sophisticated architectural feature with superior security features, including the latest in multiple-locking systems and hardware. High performance weather seals work to keep your home free from draughts, bringing you a warm and quiet environment with complete peace of mind.

Maximum light and ventilation

Bi-folding doors bring you the space, comfort and low-maintenance comfort of modern living. Comprising clean lines and slim frames, the doors easily fold back to create maximum space, natural light and panoramic views of your garden or patio area. Whether you live in a contemporary new-build or traditional cottage, the addition of bi-folding doors is sure to become an attractive and highly practical key feature in your house.


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